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Solution 11471: Capturing and Enlarging Calculator Screen Shots Using TI Connect™ for Mac® OS X.

How can I capture and enlarge the screen shot of a calculator with TI Connect for Mac® OS X?

To capture screen snapshots from a particular calculator:

1) Connect the device to the computer and make sure the screen to be captured is visible.
2) Open TI Device Explorer and press the screen capture toolbar icon.

A window will pop up containing the screen snapshot. This snapshot can be selected and dragged to the desktop or other Finder™ window as a picture clipping file.

To enlarge the screen capture image please see the below instructions:

1) Drag the screen icon from TI DeviceExplorer on the Desktop. It will be saved as a clipping .tiff image file.
2) Close or minimize TI DeviceExplorer.
3) Double-click the .tiff file on the desktop. The file will open in Preview.
4) Click the Zoom In icon to make the picture bigger. Repeat the Zoom until the screen is the desired size.

Users can refer to the TI Connect guidebook for additional information.