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Solution 11449: Inserting an Image on a Study Card using the TI StudyCards™ Creator Software.

How can I insert a image on the front or the back of a study card using the TI StudyCards creator software?

To insert an image to the front or back of any card with the TI StudyCards Creator software:

1) Position the cursor where the image will be inserted. 
2) Click the Insert an image icon on the toolbar or click Edit>Insert Image.
3) In the Insert Image window, navigate to and select the image file.
4) To add a border to the inserted image, select Add Border.
5) In the TI Device Image box, select either Crop or Shrink. 
6) Click Insert.

To delete the image, select the image and press Delete. Using Edit>Undo will not undo an inserted image. Inserting a full-screen image (an image that fills the entire Front of Card or Back of Card), may cause the software to move the text to the next screen in order to make room for the image.

To insert an image from the Windows® Clipboard: 

1) Using graphics software, display the image into the TI StudyCards Creator software.
2) Select the image and press Ctrl C on the keyboard to copy the image to the Clipboard or use the Copy function of the graphics software to copy the image.
3) Click the TI StudyCards Creator card where the image will be inserted.
4) Press Ctrl V to paste the image into the card or click Edit>Paste or click the Paste icon to paste the image.

Double-click the inserted image to edit the image. Any edits made to the image are saved in the card, but are not saved in the original image file.

The Insert Image function does not provide full-scale graphics editing. For more advanced graphic editing needs, use a dedicated graphics editor.

Caution: When adding more than one image to a page, ensure that there is adequate spacing to separate the images. If the images overlap, intersect, or touch each other in any way, the StudyCards software displays the following warning: Some images in the card intersect.

This may cause undesirable effects in StudyCards Viewer. To correct this warning, simply separate the images.