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Solution 11448: Creating a New Stack of Study Cards for Use with the StudyCards™ Application (App).

How can I create a new stack of study cards for the StudyCards App?

In order to create a new stack of study cards for the StudyCards App, the StudyCards Creator software will need to be installed on the PC.

NOTE: The StudyCards Creator software is not supported on Mac operating systems.

To create a new stack, follow the instructions provided below.

• Open the StudyCards Creator software.
• Select the correct device type and the type of stack to be created.
• Click OK to begin the stack.
• Name the stack and fill in all the appropriate fields to create the new stack and the first card of this stack.
• To add another card to the stack, click the icon in the top toolbar that looks like a card with a big yellow plus sign.
• Fill in all the appropriate fields to create the new card.
• Add as many cards as desired.
• Once the stack is complete, choose File in the top toolbar and select Save to save this stack.
• To transfer the stack to the calculator, drag and drop the stack file on top of the TI Connect™ icon.
• The new stack has been created and transferred to the calculator.