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Solution 11436: Transferring Files from the CellSheet™ App to Microsoft® Excel.

How do I transfer files I created on my calculator with the CellSheet App to Microsoft® Excel?

The instructions below will demonstrate how to transfer files created with the CellSheet App to Microsoft® Excel.

1) Install the CellSheet Converter Software on the computer. If the software is installed correctly, a new menu entitled TI Tools will appear in the menu bar in Microsoft® Excel.
2) Type data in the CellSheet App and save it on the calculator.
3) Connect the calculator to the computer using the TI Connectivity cable.
4) Open the CellSheet Converter software on the computer and click on File, Add, From Device. Select the file to add from the Device Explorer window and drag it to the CellSheet Converter software.
5) Click on Actions, Convert and Save. The file is converted and saved in the directory indicated in the CellSheet converter software. 
6) Open Microsoft® Excel. Click on TI Tools, TI CellSheet Converter, Import from TI CellSheet.
7) Go to the directory where the file is located. Make sure that the correct file type is selected. Select the file and click Open. The file will open in Microsoft® Excel.

Please see the CellSheet guidebooks for additional information.