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Solution 11149: Downloading Calculator Software Applications (Apps) Using the TI-GRAPH LINK™ Software for Windows®.

How do I transfer Apps to my calculator using the TI-GRAPH LINK Software for Windows®?

To transfer Apps to a calculator using the TI-GRAPH LINK software for Windows®, follow the steps below:

• Start the TI-GRAPH LINK software.
• Click on the "Link" menu and select a COM port to use.
• Click on the "Link" menu again, scroll down to "Cable Type" and select the correct cable from options listed.
• Click on the "Link" menu again and select "Send Flash Software", "Applications and Certificates".

A "Send Flash Software to" window will appear. In the "Directories" window:

• Select the folder where the App is saved by double clicking on the folder name.
• Double click on the App filename.
• Click OK.

Texas Instruments recommends all users consider installing the TI Connect™ software for Windows®. The TI Connect software can auto-detect the connected calculator and cable that is being used. Also, the TI Connect software is fully supported on Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP.