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Solution 40361: Student Data Privacy Policy for TI Software and Apps

What student data is collected by TI software and apps, and how is it used?

TI Software Products

  •  TI does not collect or use students’ personal information in connection with their download or use of TI software products installed onto a Windows or Mac computer, including all TI-SmartView and TI-Nspire software products.

TI-84 Plus CE App for Chrome OS web-based application

  • TI only collects a minimum amount of student data needed to associate a specific user with the TI-84 Plus CE App for Chrome OS for registration/authentication. This consists of student name, email address, and App username with authenticating password.
  • Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), these data elements are classified as “directory information” and are not generally considered to be harmful if disclosed.
  • TI respects student data privacy and protects this directory information in accordance with TI’s Student Data Privacy Policy
  • This policy describes TI practices for handling student data, including practices which are sometimes the subject of data privacy agreements proposed by schools.
  • The TI-84 Plus CE App for Chrome OS is provided under an End User License Agreement which incorporates TI’s Student Data Privacy Policy. 
  • TI does not receive access to students' Google accounts when they download or use the app.

Please be advised: TI does not sign data privacy agreements with individual school districts, since the student data collected is minimal and appropriately protected under TI’s Student Data Privacy Policy and the applicable TI End User License Agreement for the Software or App.

To see TI’s Corporate Privacy Policy, visit

If you have further questions or would like clarification about any of the information above, please contact TI-Cares.

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