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Solution 10711: Types of Software That Can be Developed Using the Software Development Kit (SDK).

What are the different types of software that can be developed using the Software Development Kit (SDK)?

There are two categories of software that can be written for TI Flash devices. One is the traditional program and the other is a Flash Application.

Programs can be the TI Basic (keystroke programs) or assembly language programs (ASM programs). These programs can only be run from RAM. The maximum size limit is 8K bytes. These programs do not require signing by TI, and cannot be run from Flash ROM.

All Flash Applications (Apps) must be digitally signed to be able to run in Flash ROM. An App can be either a freeware/shareware App or an authenticated App.

At the copyright owner's discretion, a signed freeware/shareware App may either be sold as shareware, or given away for free. Signed freeware/shareware App may be distributed in any manner the copyright owner chooses. Apps that have been signed by TI as authenticated App can be assigned to one and only one unit using the unit's device ID. For a unit to download and run an authenticated App, the unit must contain a certificate signed by TI. Currently, authenticated Apps are only distributed through TI.