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Solution 40371: Texas Instruments Software Displays Dialog System Extension Blocked During Install.

Why does the Texas Instruments Software display a dialog System Extension Blocked during install?

Texas Instruments Software will display a System Extension Blocked dialog with the text below: 

"The program "CP210xVCPDriver" tried to load a new system extension(s). If you want to enable these extensions, open Security and Privacy System Preferences". 

The dialog above is caused by the Texas Instruments Software installing the TI-Innovator System Extension to allow communication with the TI-Innovator Hub. To allow this extension follow the steps below: 

1) On the dialog click [Open Security Preferences]. Or if you have dismissed the dialog click [Apple] [System Preferences] [Security and Privacy]
2) Click the [Lock] icon, enter your password, and then click [Unlock] to allow changes. 
3) Then click [Allow] next to "System software from application "CP210xVCPDriver" was blocked from loading."