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Solution 40345: Directions to Accept the TI-84 Plus CE online calculator Individual License. 

How do I accept an individual license for the TI-84 Plus CE online calculator?

1) You will receive an email from Texas Instruments ( with the Subject: License Activation.
2) This email contains a link [Click here to activate] which you need to click to create the account you will use to login into the TI-84 Plus CE online calculator.
3) The [Click here to activate] link will take you to our [License Activation Center] click [Continue] to proceed.
4) On the next screen you can either login to an existing account or create a new account. If logging into an existing account login usimg your existing "Email" and "Password".
Please Note: This account is the not the same account you used to place an order on the web store. This will be a new account and this account must be created to use the online calculator.
4a) If creating a new account click [Create an Account] and enter the requested information:

5) You should next see the [License Activation Center] with your key auto-populated click [Next] to proceed.
6) The following screen will prompt you to select the license period start. Select and click [Activate Subscription].
7) The final screen will display successful activation you should close this page and open, using a Chrome Browser, and login with the account you created/used above.

If you experience issues try the troubleshooting steps below:

1) Visit and if you see a sign in page you can proceed to the next step. If you do not see a sign in page click the “three horizontal lines” at the top right and choose the option [Sign Out].
2) Next visit and login into your account.
3) Copy and paste your license code into the activation screen and then proceed by clicking [Continue] with the prompts.
4) If you cannot [Continue] from the license code screen try clicking the [Click here to activate] link from your email again and proceed with activating the license code.