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Solution 40345: Directions to Accept a Texas Instruments Software Product With a 16 Character Activation Key.

How do I accept a Texas Instruments Software Product with a 16 character activation key? 

If you purchased a subscription electronically:
1a) You will receive an email from Texas Instruments ( with the Subject: Software Order Information.
2a) This email contains a link [Click here to activate] which you need to click to create the account you will use to log in to validate your Texas Instruments Software Product.
3a) The [Click here to activate] link will take you to our [License Activation Center] click [Continue] to proceed.
If received a subscription with a calculator purchase:
1b) Your activation key will be printed on a card which includes instructions on how to activate.
2b) This card should instruct you to first visit the URL:
3b) The [Click here to activate] link will take you to our [License Activation Center] click [Continue] to proceed.
4) On the next screen you can either login using Google, Microsoft, existing email account, or create a new account. If logging into an existing account login using your existing "Email" and "Password". 
Please Note: TI will not have any access to your Google or Microsoft account or knowledge of your password if you use Sign in with Google or Sign in with Microsoft.
Additional Note: This account is the not the same account you used to place an order on the web store. This will be a new account and this account must be created to use the Texas Instruments Software Product.
4a) If creating a new account click [Create an Account] and enter the requested information, name email address and password to create your account.
5) You should next see the [License Activation Center] if you purchased electronically your key will be auto populated if you received a subscription with a calculator purchase you will need to type in your key. After the key is entered/listed click [Next] to proceed.
5a) If you are unable to click [Next] try the troubleshooting steps below:
Verify first if your computers date/time is set correctly and if not please set it to correct date and time.
• If you are using a Work/School network please contact your IT department to verify your network does not block the website 
• If you have access to a different web browser you can try accessing the URL using a different web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.
You can also try using a different network such as taking your computer home if it is a laptop and using your home network to activate. 
6) The following screen will prompt you to select the license period start. Select a date and click [Activate Subscription].
7) The final screen will display successful activation you should close this page and then follow the [Next Steps] in the email from ( to either visit the web application link or install the application. 
Please Note: If you have a version of the application already installed, please make sure to use the link to install the latest version.

If you experience issues, try the troubleshooting steps below:

1) If the website requests a 6 digit Multi-Factor Authentication MFA code this means you attempted to login prior to creating an account. Please visit and enter the requested information to create an account. 
2) If the above does not apply next visit and if you see a sign in page you can proceed to the next step. If you do not see a sign in page, click the “three horizontal lines” at the top right and choose the option [Sign Out].
3) Next visit and login into your account.
4) Copy and paste your license code into the activation screen and then proceed by clicking [Continue] with the prompts.
5) If you cannot [Continue] from the license code screen try clicking the [Click here to activate] link from your email again and proceed with activating the license code.

Last updated: 6/14/2024