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Solution 37875: Steps to install TI-Connect CE on Mac OSX.

How do I install TI-Connect CE on Mac OSX?

After downloading TI-Connect CE DMG and opening the DMG file you will need to copy the APP file to the application folder using the steps below:

• Launch [Finder] then click [Go] then [Applications].

• Move the "TI-Connect CE DMG" window so it is visible at the same time as the "Applications" window then press and hold the [Mouse Click] while over the "TI-Connect CE APP". Next move the "TI-Connect CE App" over a white area of the "Applications" window and once there release the [Mouse Click] it to install the APP.

• After this is done you can close the "TI-Connect CE" DMG window and launch the "TI-Connect CE App" from the applications folder.

If you have questions about the information listed above, please contact TI-Cares for additional assistance.