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Solution 31011: Resolving Issues Exiting TI-Admin Activation Wizard Once Querying Server.

Why am I unable to cancel out of the TI-Admin activation wizard once it has begun querying server?

Please be advised this license type will be discontinued on November 7, 2023, and your current software will no longer be updated. Converting to a new, account-based license before that date is recommended. In most cases you can receive an equivalent subscription length free of charge by contacting TI-Cares.

For now, you may still activate and use your current software for the full license term, but you will not be able to reactivate or download this software again after November 7. If a new activation or download is needed after that date, you must contact TI-Cares to acquire a new account-based subscription.

The cancel button listed in the TI-Admin activation wizard is not clickable once the wizard has begun querying server because it   intended to cancel out of the license agreement that precedes it.

To cancel out of the TI-Admin activation wizard it is necessary to click the [X] located at the top right of the window once activation has  begun.

Please follow the steps below to cancel out of the wizard:

• On the initial activation wizard screen click the [Next] button to proceed with activation.

• The second screen requires you to enter your 31 Digit license number before proceeding, once entered click the [Next] button. 

• On the third screen you can read the terms of the license agreement, once read click one of the radio buttons to accept or not accept the license agreement and click the [Next] button.

• On the final screen you will see the software querying the activation server to activate the software; you will see the [Cancel] button below it. Clicking this button will not cause anything to happen and the button is greyed out indicating it is not clickable.

• To exit the activation wizard at this point it is necessary to click the [X] at the top right. You will then be given a dialog asking you if you are sure you want to exit, click [Yes] to complete the exiting process.

If the steps above do not allow you to exit the activation wizard, please contact TI-Cares for additional assistance.