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Solution 30110: Correcting the Error "Non 7 zip archive" When Installing TI-Nspire™ Family Software.

How do I resolve the error "Non 7 zip archive"?

The error "Non 7 zip archive" may appear when attempting to install TI-Nspire Family Software. The error message appears when the download does not complete successfully and you have an incomplete file.

In order to correct this issue it is necessary to delete temporary internet files off your web browser and reattempt the download. 

You can accomplish this by following the instructions at the web links listed below that matches your web browser:

Internet Explorer


Google Chrome


Please Note: If you require assistance with any of the information listed in the above web links above please contact the websites support for assistance. In addition if you do not see your web browser listed above please contact your web browser support team for assistance deleting your temporary internet files.

Once you have cleared your temporary internet files, next delete the corrupted executable file and then re-download the executable file again.

If you require additional assistance please contact TI-Cares.