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Solution 27490: Setting the Duration of Borrowed Concurrent Licenses in the TI-Nspire™ Family Software.

How do I set the duration for Concurrent Licenses that are borrowed in the TI-Nspire Family software?

Concurrent Licenses for the TI-Nspire Family software products will allow you to "borrow a license" so that the concurrent licensed software can be used when the computer is disconnected from the network. The administrator of the Concurrent License has access to set the duration that licenses are "borrowed".

There are 2 ways to configure the duration of the license.

Option #1: Using the setup.ini

1. Download the attached setup.ini file.
2. Open the setup.ini file in the text editor of your choice.
3. Edit the options in the setup.ini to your liking. Of particular importance for a concurrent configuration are:

  • POINT_TO_LICENSE_SERVER - This should be set to YES.
  • LICENSE_SERVER_1 - This should contain the IP address or hostname for the computer running the Concurrent License Server.
  • MAX_DAYS_TO_BORROW_LICENSE - This should contain an integer value between 1 and 365 signifying the number of days that the license will be "borrowed" for.
  • ALLOW_LICENSE_BORROW - This should contain YES if you want the user to be able to "borrow" licenses from the Concurrent License Server.

4. Save the setup.ini file.
5. Make sure the setup.ini file is in the same folder as the installer when the installer is executed. If you are using a Software Deployment Service, such as Microsoft SCCM, Novell Zenworks, or similar; make sure that the setup.ini copies down with the installer to the same location.

Option #2: Manually editing the client configuration

1. On the client machine you wish to configure, go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\[software name]\res on Windows® XP, or C:\ProgramData\[software name]\res on Windows Vista® and Windows® 7, where [software name] corresponds to the name of the desired software.
2. Open the in the text editor of your choice.
3. Edit the line that begins "max.days.borrow.license=". Add or change the existing number to be a new integer value between 1 and 365.
4. Save the
5. You may wish to open the and perform the same steps. If values in the user and admin properties files are different, then the software will use whichever value is larger.

Additional information on Concurrent Licensing can be found by visiting the Software Service Center.