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Solution 22172: Troubleshooting TI-SmartView™ Software Displaying a Splash Screen and Failing to Load.

Why does the TI-SmartView software fail to load after displaying the splash screen?

Some antivirus and anti-spyware programs may attempt to block some operations of the TI SmartView software desktop software on first run. 

To see if this is the issue, please follow the steps below:

1) Disable the Internet access by either disconnecting the Internet cable from the computer, and/or turning off the wireless Internet connection.
2) Turn off the AntiVirus software temporarily.
3) Launch the TI-SmartView software and see if it no longer stalls at the splash screen.
4) If the software launches correctly, activate your software by inputting your serial and license numbers into the correct fields as the software asks for them. 
5) After the software is activated, re-enable the AntiVirus software.
6) After the AntiVirus software is enabled, re-establish the Internet access.

Please Note: The danger of turning off AntiVirus may cause you to get a virus while the protection is turned off. It is recommended that you contact the Administrator or school IT for assistance.

For additional questions regarding your TI-SmartView Software please contact the TI-Cares Customer Assistance form.