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Solution 11499: Reinstalling the TI Connectivity Cable USB Driver.

How do I reinstall the TI Connectivity Cable USB driver on my Windows® computer?

If a "USB port" option does not appear in the TI Connect™ device selection screen, it may be that the driver for the TI Connectivity Cable USB or Direct USB cable is not properly installed. To install the devices properly, the driver will need to be updated by following the steps below:

1) Make sure the latest version of TI Connect is installed on the computer.
2) Disconnect the USB cable from the computer. Leave the cable connected to the calculator. 
3) Right-click on "My Computer" and choose "Properties."
4) Click on the "Hardware" tab then click on "Device Manager."
5) Scroll to the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" option and click on the plus (+) sign.
6) Turn the calculator ON then connect the USB cable to your PC. A new device will appear under the "USB Controllers" options.
7) Right-click on the new device and choose Update Driver. The Hardware Update Wizard will appear. 
8) If the computer prompts for Windows® to connect to the Internet to find a driver, choose "No, not at this time." Click the "Next" button.
9) Choose the option "Install from a list or specific location" (Advanced) then click "Next."
10) Choose the option "Don't Search. I will choose the driver to install." 
11) Click on Next. A list of available drivers should appear.

Please Note: If using the TI Connectivity Cable USB (silver), choose the Texas Instruments SilverLink USB (USB GraphLink) Cable driver. If using a Direct USB device, choose the TI Educational Handheld Device driver. Close the Control Panel, open TI Connect and attempt to connect to the device.

Once the driver is installed, click Finish.