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Solution 10226: Correcting The Error "The Software Could Not Be Installed Because The Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 Could Not Be Found" When Installing TI Software Products.

How can the error message the software could not be installed because the Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 could not be found be fixed?

The error message: "The software could not be installed because the Microsoft® .Net Framework 1.1 could not be found" may be caused by not having the Microsoft® .Net framework add-on package installed.

This package provides the executables and support libraries needed to run programs created in C#, otherwise known as .Net.

Please Note: For Texas Instruments Creator Software only version 1.1 will work with later versions and will now allow use of the software.

Download the Microsoft® .Net Framework 1.1 Redistributable Package from Microsoft®.

If issues occur when downloading or installing the .Net Framework, contact Microsoft® for assistance.