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Solution 36736: Resolving "STAT Error" on the TI-30X IIB / TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculators when Pressing the DATA key.

How do I resolve a "STAT Error" on the TI-30X IIB / TI-30X IIS scientific calculator when I press the DATA key?

The "STAT Error" that appears when the DATA button is pressed indicates that the calculator does not have a statistics mode set.

To set a statistical mode please follow the steps below:

• First press the [Clear] button to dismiss the error message
• Next press [2nd] and then [DATA]
• In the menu that appears select either 1-VAR, if you have one list of data, or 2-VAR, if you have 2 lists of data.
• Press [Enter] to set the mode.
• Now you can press [DATA] to enter you statistical data.

Please see the TI-30X IIB / TI-30X IIS guidebooks for additional information.