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Solution 34293: Computing Binomialcdf on the TI-36X Pro.

How do I compute binomialcdf on the TI-36X Pro?

Binomialcdf computes a cumulative probability at x for the discrete binomial distribution with the specified numtrials and probability of success (p) on each trial. x can be nonnegative integer and can be entered with options of SINGLE, LIST or ALL (a list of cumulative probabilities is returned.) 0 < p < 1 must be true.

In this example we will do single with number of trials =10 with a .96 probability of success and x=5

1) Press [2nd] [stat-reg/distr]
2) Arrow over to DISTR
3) Arrow down to 5:Binomialcdf and press [enter]
4) Highlight SINGLE and press [enter]
5) Input 10 next to TRIALS=n= and press [enter]
6) Input 0.96 next to p(SUCCESS)= and press [enter]
7) Input 5 next to x= and press [enter] twice

The answer is VALUE = 0.000021789.

Please see the TI-36X Pro guidebook for additional information.