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Solution 33912: Solving a System of Linear Equations Using the TI-36X Pro.

How do I solve a system of linear equations on the TI-36X Pro?

You will have two options to solve a system of linear equations using the TI-36X Pro. The options are 2x2 LIN EQUs and 3x3 LIN SYSTEM. The 2x2 option shows x and y on the screen and also you use the plus or the minus key. The 3x3 option will only show zeros where your entry would go and you may use the negative or minus key.

For Example:

3x + 3y - 4z = -3
-x + 2y + 5z = 18
8x + 4y - 7z = -5

For this example, use the 3x3 linear system.

1) Press [2nd] [sys-solv]
2) Arrow down to 3x3 LIN SYSTEM and press [enter]
3) Input the entries, pressing enter after each entry
4) Highlight SOLVE and press [enter]
5) Scroll down to see all the answers

The answer is x=1, y=2, and z=3.

Please see the TI-36X Pro guidebook for additional information.