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Solution 32471: Storing and Recalling Operations using the TI-34 MultiView™.

How do I store and recall an operation using the TI-34 MultiView?

The TI-34 MultiView calculator stores two operations, op1 and op2.

To store an operation to op1 and recall it, please follow the example below:

1) Press [2nd] [set op1]. You may have to press [clear] if a previous operation is displayed.
2) Press [x] [5] [+] [3].
3) Press [enter] to save the operation to memory.

4) Press [2nd] [quit] to exit screen.

Please Note: [op1] or [op2] recalls and displays the operation on the entry line. The TI-34 MultiView calculator automatically calculates the result (without pressing [enter]).

5) Press [8] [op1].

The answer is displayed automatically. The screen should display the following:

Please see the TI-34 MultiView guidebook for additional information.