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Solution 31871: Polar and Rectangular Conversions on the TI-36X Pro.

How do I convert polar and rectangular coordinates on the TI-36X Pro?

Please see the instructions below for polar and rectangular conversions on the TI-36X Pro:

Example: Polar to Rectangular

Convert the polar coordinates (5,30) to rectangular.

1) Input 5 and press [2nd] [complex]
2) Select 1: Ð and press [enter]
3) Input 30
4) Press [enter]

The answer displayed is: 4.33 + 2.50i

Example: Rectangular to Polar

Convert the rectangular coordinates (4.33 + 2.50i) to polar.

1) Input 4.33 + 2.50i
2) Press [2nd] [complex]
3) Select 4: rÐq and press [enter]

The answer displayed is: 5.00Ð30.00

Please Note: The TI-36X Pro has the capability to return results in complex form.

Please see the TI-36X Pro guidebook for additional information.