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Solution 29030: Input is Returned as the Solution After Pressing the [enter] Key When Using the TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator.

After inputting my data and pressing [enter], why does the TI-36X Pro scientific calculator return my input as the solution?

The TI-36X Pro scientific calculator has built-in functionality called "MathPrint" which is similar to what is found on the TI-84 Plus family and TI-Nspire family handhelds. MathPrint allows the calculator to display input and output in symbolic or exact form such as:

√11 is displayed as √11
2π is displayed as 2π
18 is displayed as 18

To make the TI-36X Pro scientific calculator display solutions in decimal or approximate form, the "toggle" key or [◄►] key must be used.

Please Note: The [◄►] key is located directly below the [+] key.

So, if the user inputs √11 and presses [enter], then presses the [◄►] key, the TI-36X Pro scientific calculator will return the solution of 3.31662479 instead of √11.

Please see the TI-36X Pro guidebook for additional information.