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Solution 20289: Inputting Improper Fractions Using the TI-30XS/B and TI-34 MultiView™ Scientific Calculators.

How do I input a mixed number fraction using my TI-30XS/B or TI-34 MultiView scientific calculator?

The [U n/d] key allows users to input mixed number fractions using the TI-30XS/B or TI-34 MultiView scientific calculator.

Example: To input 2 34 follow the instructions below:

1) Input 2 and press [2nd] [U n/d].
2) Input 3 and press [▼].
3) Input 4 and press [►] [enter].

The calculator will return the solution as an improper fraction (11/4).

To revert back to the mixed number, press [2nd] [n/d◄►U n/d] [enter].

Please see the TI-30XS/B MultiView and TI-34 MultiView guidebooks for additional information.