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Solution 18729: Performing Metric Conversions on the TI-36X II.

How do I perform metric conversions on the TI-36X II?

The TI-36X II has a menu with 20 conversions from the metric system into the English system and vice versa. To access this menu press [Conver] and scroll to the selected conversion and press [ENTER]. To reverse the conversion press [2nd] while the selected unit is underlined. Please see the below examples:

Example: Convert 56 grams to ounces.

• Enter 56 and press [Conver]
• Select g<>oz by using the right arrow key and press [ENTER][ENTER]

The screen should display 1.97.

To reverse this measure to ounces, press [Conver], select g<>oz and press [2nd][ENTER][ENTER].

The display should read 56.

Please see the TI-36X II guidebook for additional information.