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Solution 18209: Using the Hyperbolic Functions on the TI-30X IIS/B and TI-30XS MultiView™.

How do I use the hyperbolic functions on the TI-30X IIS/B and TI-30XS MultiView?

Hyperbolic functions are analogs of regular trig functions, or better known as circular functions. Press [2nd] [HYP] to access the hyperbolic function (sinh, cosh, tanh) of the trig function to be used. Hyperbolic calculations are not affected by the mode of the calculator.


Find the cosh (5)+2.

• Press [2nd] [HYP] [COS]
• Enter 5 and press [)] [+] [2]
• Press [ENTER] and 76.20 will be displayed

Please see the TI-30X IIS/B and TI-30XS MultiView guidebooks for additional information.