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Solution 18129: Polar and Rectangular Computations and Conversions on the TI-36X Solar.

How do I perform polar and rectangular conversions on the TI-36X Solar?

Please see the below instructions for polar and rectangular conversions on the TI-36X Solar:

Note: The TI-36X Solar does not have the capability to add, subtract, multiply nor divide polar and rectangular numbers.

Example: Polar to Rectangular

[2nd] [P►R] converts polar coordinates (r,Ө) to rectangular coordinates (x,y).

Convert polar coordinates (2,30) to rectangular.

• Press [2nd][DRG] until the desired mode is displayed if the mode is not in degrees.
• Press [2] [x◄►y], [3] [0].
• Press [2nd][P►R].
• The displays yields 1.732, the x value.
• Press [x◄►y], to display the y value.
• The display yields 1.
• Press [x◄►y] to display the x value again.

Example: Rectangular to Polar

[3rd] [R►P] converts rectangular (r, Ө) coordinates to polar coordinates (x,y).

Convert rectangular coordinates (6,8) to polar.

• Press [6] [x◄►y] [8].
• Press [3rd][R►P].
• The display shows the r value, 10.
• Press [x◄►y] to display the Ө value 53.130.

Please see the TI-36X Solar guidebook for additional information.