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Solution 15909: Finding the Two's Complement of a Binary Number Using the TI-36X Solar Scientific Calculator.

How can I find the two's complement of a binary number using the TI-36X Solar scientific calculator?

Two's complement is an operation of negation (converting positive to negative numbers or vice versa) in computers.

In an n-bit binary number, the most significant bit is usually the 2^(n-1)'s place. But in the two's complement representation, its place value is negated; it becomes the -2^(n-1)'s place and is called the sign bit.

If the sign bit is zero, the value is non-negative, the same as an ordinary binary number. But if the sign bit is 1, the value is negative. To negate a two's complement number, invert all the bits then add 1 to the result.

Example: Find the two's complement of the binary number 10001 using the TI-36X Solar scientific calculator.

1) Press [3rd] [BIN].
2) Input 10001
3) Press [+/-].


The displayed answer will be 111101111

Please see the TI-36X Solar guidebook for additional information.