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Solution 15485: Using Degrees/Minutes/Seconds (DMS) on the TI-36X Solar.

How do I enter degrees, minutes, and seconds on the TI-36X Solar?

The format below needs to be used when entering numbers in Degrees/Minutes/Seconds (DMS) notation, using 0's where necessary.


D degrees (0-7 digits).
• (.)(period) decimal-point separator.
MM minutes (must be 2 digits)
.• SS seconds (must be 2 digits).
s fractional part of a second.

For example, to enter the DMS value 48°5'3.5":

• Press [4][8][.][0][5][0][3][5].
• Press [3rd] [►DMS].

Please see the TI-36X Solar guidebook for additional information.