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Solution 14487: Converting Fractions to Percentages Using the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator.

How do I convert a fraction to a percentage using the TI-30Xa scientific calculator?

Follow the example below to convert a fraction to a percentage using the TI-30Xa scientific calculator.

Example: If a store is offereing "half off" or "1/2 off", what percentage is this? 

• Press [1] [a b/c] [2] to input the fraction 1/2.
• Press [2nd] [F<>D] for the result of 0.5 to be displayed.
• Multiply the result of 0.5 by 100 and press the [=] key.

Solution: The calculator will display 50 which means the store is offering 50% off.

Please see the TI-30Xa guidebook for additional information.