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Solution 14484: Using the Inverse Function or Reciprocal on the TI-30X IIS/B.

How do I perform the inverse function on my TI-30X IIS/B?

The inverse function is represented as x-1. The [x-1] key is located directly under the [SIN] key. Please refer to the example below for instructions on using the inverse function on the TI-30X IIS/B.

Please Note: The reciprocal of a number is needed whenever there is division by a fraction. Division by a fraction is actually multiplication by that fraction's reciprocal.

Example: Find the inverse of 3.

1) Press [3] [x-1] [ENTER].

The calculator will display .33333333333.

To show answer in fraction format:

1) Press [3] [x-1].
2) Press [2nd] [F◄►D] [ENTER].

Please see the TI-30X IIS/B guidebook for additional information.