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Solution 12282: Changing the Angle Mode Setting on the TI-34 II Explorer Plus™.

How do I change the angle mode setting from degrees to radians on the TI-34 II Explorer Plus?

Use the following steps to change the angle mode setting on theTI-34 II Explorer Plus:

1) Press [2nd] [DR].
2) Press either [◄] or [►] to highlight RAD.
3) Press [ENTER].

The calculator is now set to operate in the radian angle mode. To switch back to degrees, just use the same procedure but underline DEG instead. Resetting the calculator will also reset it back to factory default settings. To do this:

1) Press [2nd] [RESET].
2) Press [►] [ENTER].
3) This will cause MEM CLEARED to be displayed.
4) Press [CLEAR].

Please see the TI-34 II Explorer Plus guidebook for additional information.