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Solution 12273: Converting Fractions to Decimals Using the TI-34.

How do I convert fractions to decimals on the TI-34?

The [a b/c] key is used to toggle between the display of fractions and decimals on the TI-34.

The example below will demonstrate using this function:

Please Note: Due to the display size of the TI-34, not all decimal numbers can toggle to fractions.

Example: Convert 55/24 to a decimal number.

1) Input 55 [a b/c] 24, and press [=].
2) Press the [a b/c] key to display the decimal number, 2.291666667.
3) Pressing the [a b/c] key again will display the mixed number fraction, 2 and 7/24. (Pressing [2nd] [a b/c] will display the original stacked fraction, 55/24).

For more information regarding your Texas Instruments TI-34 calculator, please refer to the guidebook.