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Solution 12269: Converting Fractions into Decimals on the TI-30Xa Family or TI-36X II.

How do I convert fractions into decimals with the TI-30Xa family or TI-36X II?

The examples below will demonstrate how to convert a fraction to a decimal and vice versa using the TI-30Xa family or TI-36X II.


A) 1/2 to .5

• Press [1] [A b/c] [2].
• Press [2nd] [F◄►D].

F◄►D means fraction to decimal, decimal to fraction.

B) 1_2/7 to 1.2857

• Press [1] [A b/c] [2] [A b/c] [7].
• Press [2nd] [F◄►D].

C) 9/4 to 2.25

• Press [9] [a b/c] [4].
• Press [2nd] [F◄►D].

Please see the Scientific Model family guidebooks for additional information.