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Solution 12240: Fraction Conversions on the TI-15 Explorer™.

How can fractions be converted on the TI-15 Explorer?

The examples below will demonstrate how to convert a fraction into decimal form and vice-versa on the TI-15 Explorer.

Note: Before beginning, set the calculator to auto simplify by pressing the [Frac] key, scroll down, select "AUTO", and press the [=] key.

Example 1: Convert 7/8 to a decimal number:

• Press 7, [n], 8, [d], [=].
• Press the [F<->D] key.
• 0.875 will be displayed.

Example 2: Convert 0.875 to a fraction:

• Enter 0.875
• Press the [=] key.
• Press the [F<->D] key.
• 7/8 will be displayed.

Please see the TI-15 Explorer guidebook for additional information.