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Solution 12226: Performing Inverse Trigonometry Functions on a Single Line Display Scientific Calculator.

How do I perform inverse trigonometry functions on a single line display Scientific calculator?

Please see the below examples for performing inverse trigonometry functions:

Example for Degrees:

Please Note: Make sure that DEG is on the display. If DEG is not on the display, press the [DGR] key or [2nd] [DGR] until DEG is on the display.

To find the inverse sine (or arcsine) of .5

1) Enter .5 and press [2nd] [SIN].

The displayed answer will show 30.

Example for Radians:

Please Note: Check the display to see if RAD is highlighted. If RAD is not highlighted, press the [DRG] key or [2nd] [DGR] until RAD is on the display.

To find the inverse sine of .5

1) Enter .5 and press [2nd] [SIN].

The displayed answer will show 0.523598776.

Please see the Scientific Calculator guidebooks for additional information.