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Solution 10687: Differences in the TI-30X and TI-30Xa.

What are the differences between the TI-30X and TI-30Xa?

The key difference between the TI-30X and TI-30Xa is that the TI-30Xa does not automatically use the [=] key as a constant. As requested by educators, it has a [k] key that will turn on the [=] key to be used as a constant. When the [k] key is selected a [k] will appear in the screen and then the [=] key will act as a constant.

Another minor change is the way in which the permutation and combination functions are input. For nCr or nPr, the user used to enter [n], press x-exchange-y, enter [r], then press nCr or nPr. Now these function work like plus, minus, etc. The user enters [n], presses nCr or nPr, enters [r], and then presses [=].

Please see the TI-30Xa family guidebooks for additional information.