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Solution 12678: Replacement Battery Packs and AC Adapters for Discontinued Scientific Calculators.

What are the replacement battery packs and AC adapters for TI's discontinued scientific calculators?

Information regarding replacement battery packs and AC adapters for TI calculators can be found below:

Calculator Battery pack Adaptor
SR4 BP8 AC9132
SR50 BP1 AC9130A
SR50A BP1A AC9130A
SR5 BP1A AC9130A
SR51A BP1A AC9130A
SR51 II BP6 AC9131
SR52 BP1A AC9130A
SR56 BP1A AC9130A
TI30 BP8 AC9132
TI55 BP7 AC9131
TI57 BP6, BP7 AC9131
TI58 BP1A AC9131
TI58C BP1A AC9131
TI59 BP1A AC9131
MBA BP7 AC9131
TI MM BP8 AC9132
2550 II BP2 AC9130A
2550 III BP3 AC9130A

Battery packs and adapters are no longer available from Texas Instruments.

Additional information regarding battery pack specifications as well as repairing battery packs may be found at