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Solution 12229: Differences Between the TI-10 and TI-15 Explorer™.

How does the TI-10 differ from the TI-15 Explorer?

The TI-10 was created for a younger audience than the TI-15 Explorer. Even though the calculators have many of the same features, some major differences were necessary to make it grade appropriate.

The TI-10 has fewer and larger keys. The keys for fractions, the [0.001] thousandths key, p, square root,  [^] caret, and % have been omitted from the TI-10. The unit has only one operation key as opposed to two on the TI-15 Explorer. Separate [<], [>] and [=] keys are found on the TI-10.

Please see the TI-10 and TI-15 Explorer guidebooks for additional information.