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Solution 10483: Discontinued Texas Instruments Scientific Calculators.

Where can I find discontinued Texas Instruments scientific calculators?

The following scientific calculators have been discontinued.

• TI-25X Solar
• TI-30 STAT
• TI-30X
• TI-30Xa SE
• TI-30Xa Solar
• TI-31
• TI-34
• TI-34 II
• TI-35 Plus
• TI-35X
• TI-36 Solar
• TI-36X Solar
• TI-36X II
• TI-68
• TI-60X
• TI-74
• TI-95

Users of these models may want to consider upgrading to a current scientific calculator.

Please Note: Some replacement parts for discontinued units may be purchased from the TI Online Store. Replacement parts may also be purchased by calling TI-Cares.