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Solution 10477: Replacing and Installing the Batteries in a TI-35X.

How do I replace and install the batteries in a TI-35X?

The TI-35X uses two A-76 batteries. Comparable battery model numbers include:

Duracell® D357
Eveready® 357

To replace the batteries:

• Turn the calculator off.
• Place a small screwdriver, paper clip, or a similar instrument into the slot and gently lift the battery cover.
• Remove the discharged batteries and install the new ones (positive face up on the left side, negative face up on the right).
• Replace the cover, top edge first, and then gently press until the bottom of the cover snaps into place.
• Press the [ON/C] key twice. The calculator should display '0' and 'DEG'.

The calculator is now ready to use.

Caution: Be careful not to crease the film contacts while installing the new batteries.