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Solution 12074: Troubleshooting a TI-89 that Displays Line 1111 Emulator.

What can be done if Line 1111 Emulator is displayed on the TI-89?

Line 1111 Emulator is a low level machine code error usually generated by errant assembly code.

If Line 1111 Emulator is displayed, the calculator must be reset.

The reset procedure will delete all the items that are in the memory of the graphing calculator. Use the reset procedure below:

1) Press and hold the [2nd] key.
2) Press and hold down the left and right arrows.
3) Press and hold down the [ON] key all at the same time.

The display of the calculator will flash and then turn on.

For more information regarding your Texas Instruments TI-89 graphing calculator, please refer to the guidebooks section.