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Solution 33691: Adjusting the Table Width for the TI-89 Titanium or Voyage™ 200 Graphing Calculators.

How do I adjust the table width for the TI-89 Titanium or Voyage 200 graphing calculators?

To adjust the cell width of the table, follow the steps below.

• Press [Diamond] [F5] on the TI-89 Titanium, and [Diamond] [Y] on the Voyage 200 to go to the Table screen.
• Press [F1] [9] to go to the format screen.

• Press the right arrow and select the number you want the size of each cell to be.
• Press [ENTER] to save your choice.  To cancel without making any changes, press [ESC] instead
• The table will be resized based upon the cell width you selected.

Please see the TI-89 Titanium and Voyage 200 guidebooks for additional information.