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Solution 28630: Clearing and Deleting Lists using the Stats/List Editor Application on the TI-89 Family and Voyage™ 200.

How can I clear the lists in the Stats/List Editor Application on my TI-89 Titanium or Voyage 200 calculator?

Follow the instructions below to clear the list entries without deleting the list name. There is also a way to delete all entries, including list name.

To clear the entries within a list, but not deleting the list name:

• Highlight the cell that holds the list name
• Press the [CLEAR] key
• Press the [Down] Arrow

Notice that the list name is still available, however the list values are now erased.


To delete all lists, including the list name:

• Press [F1:Tools]
• Scroll down and Select [8: Clear Editor]

Note that all lists have been deleted, including the list name.

More information is available in the Statistics With List Editor application guidebook.