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Solution 24652: The Stefan-Boltzmann Constant Not Displaying as Listed in the TI-89 Family, TI-92 Family, or Voyage™ 200 Guidebook.

Why is the Stefan-Boltzmann Constant not displaying exactly at listed in the guidebook?

The reason the calculator does not display the Stefan-Boltzmann Constant exactly as listed in the guidebook is because of its simplification algorithm. The calculator will always try to simplify the units entered to simplest terms. For example entering an a calculation of 5 hours added to 2 minutes will give an answer in lowest terms which is 18120 seconds.

That is what is happening with the Stefan-Boltzmann Constant, the lowest terms of Watts over Meters Squared is Kilograms over Seconds Cubed.

It is possible to display the Stefan-Boltzmann Constant exactly as it is listed in the guidebook by using the conversion key.
In order to do this we must convert Kilograms over Seconds Cubed to Watts over Meters Squared. In order to do this follow the example below:

• First select the constant from the list and then press enter to paste it into the entry line.

• Next press the 2nd key and press the mode key to place the conversion operator on the screen.


• After this enter Watts divided by Meters Squared.


• Once you have done this press enter and you will receive the constant displayed as it is listed in the guidebook.