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Solution 16532: Graphing a Partial Sum of a Sequence on a TI-89 Family, TI-92 Family or Voyage™ 200 Graphing Calculator.

How do I graph a partial sum of a sequence on a TI-89 family, TI-92 family or Voyage 200?

To graph a partial sum of a sequence, please see the example provided and follow the steps listed below.


Example: Graph a partial sum of the sequence 1/(x^2) with a low of 1 and a high of 10.


1) Press [] [Y=].

2) Press [2ND] [MATH] [B:Calculus].

3) Choose 4: ∑( sum.

4) Enter [1][ [÷] [ALPHA] [A] [^] [2] [,] [ALPHA] [A] [,][ 1] [,] [X] [)].

Please Note: On the TI-92 family and Voyage 200, the ALPHA function does not have to be used since these calculators have a built-in QWERTY keyboard.

5) Press [ENTER].

6) Press [] [GRAPH].

For calculators without OS 3.10, the graph will look like the following:


Please see the TI-89 family, TI-92 family and Voyage 200 guidebooks for additional information.