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Solution 16510: How To draw a vertical line on a TI-86.

How do I draw a vertical line on a TI-86?

To draw a vertical line on the TI-86, there are two options:

First on the graph itself:

•  Press [MORE].

•  Press [F2] for the Draw function.

•  Press [F3] for the Vertical line.

•  Use the left and right arrows to move the line to where you want it.

•  Press [ENTER].

•  To enter another line just move the arrow keys and press [ENTER].

The second option:

•  On the home screen press [2ND] [CATLG-VARS].

•  Select CATLG by pressing [F1].

•  Scroll to the VERT command and press [ENTER].

•  Enter the X value and press [ENTER].


Please see the TI-86 guidebook for additional information.