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Solution 12652: Decimal Degrees (DD) to Degrees, Minutes, Seconds (DMS) Conversions on the TI-81.

How do I perform decimal degrees (DD) to degrees, minutes, seconds (DMS) conversions on the TI-81?

The TI-81 does not have built-in DMS-DD conversion features. However, these features can be added to the graphing calculator with the following programs.

1. The following program adds DMS to decimal degrees conversions to the TI-81:

:Disp "DEGREE"
:Input D
:Input M
:Input S
:Disp D

2. The following program adds decimal degrees into DMS conversions to the TI-81:

:Input I
:IPart I->D
:(FPart I)*60->M
:IPart ((FPart M)*60)->S
:IPart M->M
:Disp D