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Solution 12649: Calculating One-variable Statistics on the TI-81.

How do I calculate one-variable statistics on the TI-81?

Data for this example:
x={87, 52, 97, 46, 75, 60}

• Clear the screen then press [2nd] [MATRX]
• Press the right-arrow key twice and press [ENTER]
• The cursor will display after the x1 =
• Enter the x-values after "x1 =" Press [8] [7] [ENTER] [1] [ENTER] [5] [2] [ENTER] [1] [ENTER] and so on...(note:"y1" is the frequency and should be set at "1" in this case.)
• Press [2nd] [CLEAR] [2nd] [MATRX] [ENTER] [ENTER]

The one-variable statistics will be displayed