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Solution 12648: Calculating Linear Regressions on the TI-81.

How do I calculate a Linear Regression using the TI-81?

The example below will demonstrate how to perform a linear regression using the TI-81:

Data for this example:

xStat: {1,4,8,10}
yStat: {7,9,15,18}

Enter the data into the TI-81:

1) Enter STAT edit mode by pressing [2nd] [STAT].
2) Scroll to DATA.
3) Press [1].
4) Enter the data as x-y coordinates 1 [ENTER] 7 [ENTER] 4 [ENTER] 9 [ENTER] 8 [ENTER] etc.
5) Press [2nd][QUIT] to leave the editor.

Calculate the Linear Regression (ax+b):

1) Enter the STAT mode again by pressing [2nd] [STAT].
2) Press [2] to select LinReg.
3) Press [ENTER] to perform the regression calculation.

The graphing calculator will display the form of the equation (y=a+bx) and then list the values for a and b (5.0256 and 1.2564 respectively) and the correlation coefficient (r) .9885.

For more information regarding your Texas Instruments graphing calculator, please refer to the guidebooks section.