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Solution 12645: Graphing a Function on the TI-80 and TI-81.

How can I graph functions using the TI-80 or TI-81?

The TI-80 has been discontinued. When upgrading, consider the TI-73 Explorer™. The TI-73 Explorer is completely compatible with curricular materials for upper elementary through lower middle grades, from fractions through pre-algebra.

Follow these steps to graph a function using the TI-80 or TI-81:

• Press [Y=].
• Enter the function.
• Press [ZOOM] and select the appropriate zooming option, depending on the function being graphed.

Example: Graph y=sin x


• Press the [Y=] key.
• Press the [SIN] key and then the [X|T] key to input the x.
• Press the [ZOOM] key.
• Select 7:Trig.

Please see the TI-80 and TI-81 guidebooks for additional information.